Own tracks vs IFTTT

I’ve been using the iOS IFTTT app and geofencing. It works well however the fences move presumably because the iPhone has been forced to sleep.
Is the own tracks app affected in the same way?
Is it possible to setup own tracks without exposing the MQTT broker or its messages to the outside world? Is it easy on battery life?

How do you send the geodata from ifttt to openhab?

Its not the best on battery, I have hired a developer to write a native iphone location binding, but first he has to finish the mojio binding.

I use my Openhab which integrates with IFTTT

I’ll be interested in what is possible, IFTTT definitely lessens the battery life although not excessively. It’s hat trick is to hit 2 geofences at once, and it seems very variable when it notices that I’ve crossed them

My concern is exposing the copy of mosquito I’m running for all the world to see the messages running through it. Is there a way of exposing it for encrypted incoming messages only?

See the link to setup TLS access (default port 8883).

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Oh, I’m not the creator of neither owntracks, its docs nor the mqttitude binding - just a happy user.
So kudos to Ben and JPMens for all of this.

I, too, used the link you posted, plus this one (sorry, German only), plus some more googling…

Yes maybe it would make sense to consolidate these infos into a openhab Wiki page. Will see if I can do in the next days.

Well, in order not to expose your broker to the world, mosquitto allows for authenticating client access against user/password.

In addition to that, as @watou pointed out, you can TLS encrypt the session. But the proper answer to your question is to enforce password authentication, i.e. a config line password_file /etc/mosquitto/passwd in mosquitto.conf and something like mosquitto_passwd -c /etc/mosquitto/passwd mosquitto to create the password file.
Note mosquitto_passwd is missing in Pi/Raspian mosquitto package, you need to find it on the web first.

Instead of going for another wiki page, I decided to help enhance the owntracks docs.
I think it makes for a pretty good installation guide now.
The complementing instructions are in the OH binding Wiki, then.