Own traks (mqttitude) alternative for geo location

Hi to all folks,
I wanna ask you if any alternative exists , to goelocate my family member’s phone, of own traks???

I’m Able to use own traks Android app+mqtt binding only in local area network, but it’s quite unuseful only inside home… and configure mqtt to receive locations over the net seems hard and I’m not able to find some good documentation specific for OH2 to do it.

Can you help me openhabbers friends?

Thank you


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Thanks for link.
But I think I will also need a static public ip, and in my case is a pay service, and also expensive… Not the best idea in addiction of the complexity… Any real alternative based on 3rd party services or server exists?

You can use a cloud-based MQTT broker. I don’t know what sorts of security mechanisms are available but with the broker hosted outside your LAN both your OH and your phones should be able to get to them.

A couple I’ve found are:

https://www.cloudmqtt.com/ (I know of at least one other user using this one)

I’ve used neither so cannot personally recommend them. However, I suspect the free tier on cloudmqtt would be sufficient for this purpose.

Just make sure that you configure it to use SSL/TLS connection encryption and configure the ACLs to only allow your devices to connect. A quick view of the cloudmqtt docs appears to show this is possible,

There are free services that let you obtain a free domain name which gets mapped to your ISP assigned IP address. There is a little program you run to update that IP when the ISP decides to change it. Dyndns used to be the go to provider but I don’t know if they offer it for free now. There are others. My wifi router came with this for free so I don’t know all the alternatives.

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Thank so much for the info. I will study these possibilities.
Greath suggestion about the cloud based mqtt. Can I mange Mosquitto and cloudmqtt both in the same time in my OH2 system?

Thank you for help

Get a cheap VPS ($2/month) and have a secure mqtt instance that just forwards requests to your internal one (basically, internal one subscribes to the external one). No port forwarding, etc but it does cost a little.

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Yes, you can have more than one broker configured in mqtt.cfg.

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