Owntrack with v2.5

Should owntrack work under v2.5 MQTT?
If so, what is the broker-id?

The Mqttitude binding had been superceeded by the GPSTracker Binding which doesn’t use MQTT. The Mqttitude binding requires the MQTT 1.x version binding and doesn’t work with 2.5 binding.

Thanks for the info.
The GPSTracking Binding does require an connection to openhab by HTTP. This is out of question for me.
I will analyse the tracking data by simple rules.

No, it requires the use of myopenhab.org or hosting your own instance of the cloud connector. It does not require you to expose openHAB to the internet. In fact, it’s safer than Mqttitude because unless you are using a cloud MQTT broker, it does require you to open a port from your lan to the internet for your broker.

Please be aware that this communication uses the public network so make sure your openHAB installation is secured (but accessible from public internet through myopenhab.org or using a reverse proxy) and you configured HTTP S access in tracking applications. The easiest way to achieve this is to use the openHAB Cloud Connector in conjunction with myopenHAB.org.

Emphasis is mine. With the GPS tracker binding you don’t have to expose anything to the internet.

Hi Rich
thanks for clarification. Will try to host own cloud connector.