OWServer - Binding How can i add the EDS OWerver with Sensors on Openhab 3.x

Hello everyone,

I use the OWServer-binding on Obenhab 2.x.
I would like to upgrade to Openhab 3.x, but I can’t find a way to read in the EDS OWserver with its sensors.
How do I have to proceed? Is the OneWire binding the binding I need for it?
I can create the EDS OneWireMaster on OneWire-Binding and the status goes online, but how do I create the sensors?

OW-Server Ethernet1

I would be grateful if there was a solution. Can someone give me hints?

Yes, onewire binding is the right one.
Install the binding and then add a OneWireServer thing. Set the IP and port of the OW server there and all connected devices should then be recognized.

Use discovery to find things (sensors) after the bridge is online.

Hey everyone, thanks for your answers. I always have the same picture, the OW server is displayed as online, but when I scan, the loading bar runs to the end and disappears.

If I scan a second time, no loading bar appears, only the “Stop Scanning” button.

Is there a way to create the sensors manually?

Yes, there is. But it‘ll not help you. If the devices can‘t be discovered, they won‘t work with manual configuration either. Please share a TRACE log of the scan.

I only find the one line in the “openhab.log”