P100 bindings 3.4.0 showing online but de-facto not switching

Dear community first my compliments for openHAB, newly discovered!

I am using OH openhab:snapshot-debian via docker on OSX, configured my small model.
I bought some P100 and P105 (TP-Link controls) which do fine with Tapo App, linked them as things in OH and attached to each of them an item. Every thing is successfully logged in via Tapo Bridge and shows “online” inside the thing panel.

However in the item panel, when I switch on and off that particular P100 thing, the OH UI shows on and off, the log says “on” and “off”, but nothing happens in reality (the light is not turned on/off).

I saw the multiples threads on this issue, but I guess nothing really on my special case, so I dear to ask here.

Please, what I should do here to see more on this issue or what I possibly did wrongly or shell I simply “wait” until the next release of the binding will be made available?

Thank you so much in advance and sorry for another issue…