P2P CCTV Binding

I have not done much research in this area and and hopefully someone here has certain experience in this area.

Basically, P2P CCTV (cloud) seems to be common these days to avoid exposing your premise IP/port to the public via DDNS. Is there a standard protocol to govern this area? So they are pretty much proprietary? Is there a binding somewhere that is written for a specific brand that i can probably customize it to fit my CCTV requirement.

It will be good to integrate all home security system into 1 single platform like openhab

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There is a ZoneMinder binding in the works (prototype is posted on this thread and an IP Camera binding in the works but I’ve not heard mention of P2P CCTV.

Please note that you don’t need a binding to display a video stream on your sitemap. If all you are trying to do is monitor a video feed you only need use the Video tag on your sitemap with the URL to your camera’s video stream.