Packages and UIs


I installed OpenHAB 2 (Snapshot) on a ubuntu server. So far so good, but I seem to have made a mistake on my very first click: When presented with a choice of packages, I chose “Simple”. Now I only get the PaperUI, not Basic or Classic.

So, from the console, I did this:

[code]feature:uninstall openhab-package-simple
feature:install openhab-package-standard

feature:install openhab-ui-classic
feature:install openhab-ui-basic[/code]

This works at first, all the UIs are accessible and I even get the nice choice-screen. But on every restart of the service, package-standard, ui-classic and ui-basic are automatically uninstalled again and package-simple is reinstalled.

How can I prevent this?


Simply define the package that you want in conf/services/addons.cfg - that should be all!

You’re right, that was all - but should it have been?

When I went into the file first, all options were commented-out. There also was a note in there that all the settings would be valid for the very first start only - which I had been well past having already clicked on one of the package options.

Anyway, I set package=standard and added ui = basic,paper,classic,habmin,habpanel for good measure. It worked, after the next restart all UIs were presented.