Page and page count not working with persistence rest api

this request:

returns more than 10 items.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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I’m still having this issue and I don’t think it is working as intendend. Did it ever get fixed? I’m using version 2.5.1.

That specific request (limited page length) doesn’t seem to be working as expected. Can’t say if an issue was ever created.

I forgot to mention that instead rrd4j, I’m using influxdb as persistence. I looked a little bit deeper into it and I guess there is a bug the InfluxDB addon itself (InfluxDBPersistenceService class). The issue of the original poster was 3 years ago so I was wondering if it remained in the openhab core but it does not seem so.

Can’t say anything special for InfluxDB, however for rrd4j it is working generally ( xmt the page problem mentioned above and the never working call for persistence/items, i.e. all items).
What is your problem? To my knowledge there is no reported problem!

Similar to the original problem, I get more datapoints for an item than specified by pagelength.
After looking at the source code of the corresponding addon, I assume that the query to the influx database is constructed wrongly.

Since this isn’t working for rrd4j as wellI would have expected that problem more on the general REST API side, but I could be wrong.
Note that all persistence service are being worked on in order the move them to openHAB 2.

You mean openHAB 3 ?
Except for addons, openHAB 2 development is dead, as far as I know.

Can’t say if the updated persistence will be OH2 or OH3, however it will be updated and development on the actual release versioni s dead.