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Hi All,

Long time OH1 and 2 user - Starting to work with OH3… I’m hoping someone else has seen this issue, and knows what the issue is.

Using the Remote OH server binding, I’ve created 2 items, and put them as toggles on the overview page. On my iPad, iPhone, Rasp Pi OS with Firefox this works no issues - On my Mac, in Firefox, or Safari I see the items, but the values aren’t displayed - So the command works, but not the Alt Command. (so I can turn them on, not off) - When the ON command is given, they do not update.

When I first installed OH 3.0.1 - This was working, then all of a sudden it stopped, I’ve upgraded to OH 3.1 with no change, I even rebuilt the server from scratch, no change. I’ve cleared browser caches, website data, everything else under the sun, with no issue.

Its not an end of the world problem, I’m doing the config on the mac, but won’t be operating on there very much, just hoping someone else has seen this issue and knows the solution.


Maybe this open issue

Try this one, it solved exactly your problem on my iMac. No Data visible in Widgets /Pages - #3 by eloka080677

Thank you @EdwardV

Spot on, the issue was Sophos.

Still getting used to the terminology in OH3 vs 1 and 2, didn’t think to look up “widgets” and data!

Now onto the next issue :slight_smile:

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