Page-up and page-down keys in paperUI not working in add-ons section

I just noticed that the page-up and page-down keys work on the Configuration > System page, but they do not work on any of the Add-ons pages. Is this correct? There are a lot of bindings, and being able to quickly navigate to the one you want seems like a desirable feature.

Feel free to create a feature request at This might also be relevant in terms of accessibility.

@Kai, thank you. I am leaving for two weeks of volunteer work, but when I get back I will enter an issue.

One question please - how do I know where to enter issues? In other words, how, as an openHAB user do I know when to enter an issue in the openHAB area, and when to enter an issue in the smarthome area?

Issues should be reported at the place where there source code resides. You will find some guidance at