Pairing new Milights via ESP8266?

Hi there,
after hours of of researching I feel a bit unsure about what to do. I own a couple of new milights and wonder what workarounds are (still) available to get these running. Correct me if I got sth. wrong here.

  • Some time ago you didnt need a milight-box to get them work. Not anymore
  • The whole Hue approach needs also a pre-config/pairing
  • Tried a bridge emu (milights-bridge) but also outdated and not working, install and test openmili(ght) atm
  • For the DIY ESP8266-Hub I also need more parts. But as I use some flashed plugs/bulbs with Tasmota/Sonoff firmware, I wonder if I could utilize this already existing ESP plattform. At least my noobish look at the manual didnt find a technical counterargument there.

Once they are integrated they will talk mqtt, so a hub wont be needed in the future anyway. Ah, and I have more than remotes I try to get rid of, so no interface here, too :wink:

Did you try this:

Works for me, you need a dedicated ESP (I use a wemosD1 mini) and an A NRF24L01+ module (~$3 on ebay). Alternatively, you can use a LT8900.

Then there is a dedicated binding for this:

Did you try this:

Not yet as my technical understanding ends here and I dont know what really to do/substitute here when changing generic procedures (e.g. OTA instead of USB) due to another ESP Board (I also got a WeMo Insight here that has a ESP8266 Board, too).
Also was unsure because of this:

If you get a bare ESP8266 module, you’ll need to figure out how to power it (you’ll likely need a voltage regulator),

But I think I will get me a NRF24L01 while trying to figure out how to use this setup.
Furthermore I stumbled over the RPIeasy project. After a short research it can emulate a “ESPeasy P2P” Module… whatever this means.

If as you say: “my technical understanding ends here” don’t even go there. That will be a sea of tears with inslands of frustration

I feared that =D
A bit of Background:
My endless “Home Cinema Automation” project slowly reaches a new milestone. I use a harmony hub for tons of technique and am working on an integration of (DIY Virtual Assistant) for speech control.
One thing I try to achieve is a genuine implementation of the different bulbs I have: Some Tasmota flashed Tuya Bulbs, some proprietary IR based bulbs (Jedi Lighting iDual) and some new Milights. For the time being I will control the IR Bulbs with the Harmony Hub+OH2 as I have 4 of them and they are pretty cheap for lumen/Euro.
And then?

  1. Building a OpenMQTTGateway
  2. Going with diyHUE, as I use Kodi, OH2 and a Harmony who are supported
  3. Getting a dedicated IR-MQTT transponder working (for OH2) for a more MQTT based config
    ATM I prefere a mix: A Hue Interface for a fake Ambilight and MQTT for Voice/Automation.
    For every approach I first need to integrate the new milights, but it may help finding the proper way to go here :slight_smile:
    I will buy a NRF24L01 later and depending on how far I come I will order a probable cheap milight-controller for a first setup and installation.
    Cheers and Thanks
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