Panasonic Binding...... and Bose LS50 (additional)

Is anyone doing anything with the Panasonic binding, with respect to OH2?

As part of my new home project, I am planning to purchase a new television (Model: TH-65DX640Z).

Ideally I want to control this via OH2.

In terms of the sound system, I am looking to keep my Bose Lifestyle 50 system for a few more years and am currently developing an interface between OH2 and a LinTronic TT455-RT-238 signal converter. With this device I can send IR signals to my more modern devices and RS232 to the LS50.

My current plan is to use an Arduino device (OH2 -> MQTT -> Serial) to talk to the TT455-RT-238.

Would love to hear from anyone that is working with any of the above.