Panasonic OpenHab1 binding on OpenHab 2.4 not showing as a thing

I have setup the files for panasonictv.items and the config. It appears it knows my IP but never actually shows as a thing. Not sure if Im missing something for the thing to show up.

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Yes, I’ve read all od them a few times. Ive manually edited the panasonictv.cfg file in /etc/openhab2/services, whixh shows ok in log file. Then i created a panasonictv.items file that calls that device. Is there anything else to it to get it to show up in the list? Does it need a sitemap?

Edit: Needed a sitemap and its working now. PaperUI config kinda disappeared so need to i guess add all of that to sitemap now.

PaperUI is an admin tool, but it doesn’t really work with 1.x bindings.

sitemap is what you use to build your user interface. I think if you’re in simple mode OH will auto-add your Items to a sitemap. Once you start playing with 1.x bindings, it’s not a simple case anymore, and you’ll have to hand edit sitemap. People soon move on from auto generated sitemap anyway, now you get to control the presentation :smiley:

This was quite eye opening actually. It’s a bit neater doing it manually.

Any ideas why the panasonic binding doesn’t seem to always be updating to myopenhab? I’m looking to fire off some rules based on powering on and off (turn on/off reciever with it) rather than trust hdmi control which is flaky at best but needed to use volume control via roku.

I know nothing of which you speak, and will make way for Panasonic users. It may help to add a Panasonic tag to your post.
What is the complaint, you do not always get the updates from the equipment that you expect in openHAB?

My inital thought was getting to do commands via IFTTT through myopenhab. At this point even just a local rule would help. Im following another a thread to use another openhab reciever to work with the television, basically a rule to tell once the tv is on or off to power on/off the receiver. Haven’t had a ton of time to research the thread yet though.

Small update, i wound up installing OH2 from apt-get rather than continuing using an image and started recreating everything. It’s coming out quite nice now, some quirks here and there but really trying to dial it in the way I want it now.

Thank you for the help!