Panasonic TV Binding

Hi, everyone, I’m having trouble getting a Panasonic TV Binding to work. I have a 2012-era Panasonic Viera TV plugged into my wired network, showing IP address in the TV Setup.

Here is my openhab.cfg:

panasonictv:mytv =

Here is my items file:

Switch tvpower {panasonictv=“mytv:POWER”}
Switch TVVolUp “Volume Up” {panasonictv=“mytv:VOLUP”}
Switch TVVolDown “Volume Down” {panasonictv=“mytv:VOLDOWN”}
Switch TVInput “TV input” {panasonictv=“mytv:TV”}

And here is my Sitemap:

sitemap my label="Main Menu"
Frame label=“Switches” {
Switch item=tvpower
Switch item=TVVolUp
Switch item=TVVolDown
Switch item=TVInput

When I run it, I get this in the log:
2016-11-24 19:55:52.047 [INFO ] [o.o.i.s.i.DiscoveryServiceImpl] - mDNS service has been started
2016-11-24 19:55:52.449 [INFO ] [o.o.i.s.i.DiscoveryServiceImpl] - Service Discovery initialization completed.
2016-11-24 19:55:55.509 [INFO ] [] - Started REST API at /rest
2016-11-24 19:56:01.684 [INFO ] [c.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'my.sitemap’
2016-11-24 19:56:01.845 [INFO ] [c.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'my.items’
2016-11-24 19:56:02.827 [INFO ] [.o.u.w.i.servlet.WebAppServlet] - Started Classic UI at /classicui/
2016-11-24 19:56:06.832 [INFO ] [.p.internal.PanasonicTVBinding] - TV registered ‘mytv’ with IP '’
2016-11-24 19:56:36.400 [WARN ] [.o.u.w.i.render.SwitchRenderer] - Cannot determine item type of 'tvpower’
org.openhab.core.items.ItemNotFoundException: Item ‘tvpower’ could not be found in the item registry

And each of the four items do the same thing. I’ve copied the example straight from the WIKI, I’ve checked my capitalization a dozen times, I just can’t see the error. BTW, I am running Openhab v.1.8.3