Panic button (Yale, 2GIG)

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Greetings, are these button working with the system?

In theory you could make them work with something like:

Note: The Yale says that it is using a proprietary protocol on 868Mhz so this may not work
The 2GIG is operating at 433MHz

Check: Binding for 868MHz Transceiver? (and many other threads on 433/868)

If you want to keep it simple: go Z-Wave with (or a similar Z-Wave button)

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Fibaro button is little expensive than these if you need set of them.

I have question: when Fibaro switch2 connected to normal wall switch. If I pressed the wall switch can I get notification into the openHAB?

It will cost you the same in material and time to build a 433+868 solution… plus the headache and troubleshooting :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course yes.

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I would use a simple wireless doorbell button on 433Mhz

How to integrate it with openHAB?

What is the different between 433mhz and 868mhz. I mean as I understand from your reply if its 433 it can be integrated but if 868 it cannot, but Z-wave frequency is 868?

I use RFLink:

Or a simple RF receiver on a raspberry pi:

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It’s both about the RF protocol and also about the RF frequency

Z-Wave (in EU) does operate at 868.42 MHz but the Yale button is not a Z-Wave device. It uses a proprietary protocol to communicate with the Yale alarm system.

Both (433 + 868) can be integrated using the proper type of device with the proper firmware. There are many options out there. 433+868 are commonly used because they are unlicensed frequencies.

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I know about this, my concern was when you mention that Yale uses 868 so this may not work

I assume this will work as well

I am worried about their protocol. They don’t advertise any info and it is specified that it is proprietary. In this case, even if you have a 868 transceiver, maybe you won’t be able to “decode” it.

Since the purpose of this specific button is to connect to your Alarm System (like other wireless endpoints like a PIR), I would expect that they use some kind of FSK (rolling codes) and other functionalities (like anti-jamming, etc) in their RF protocol, so it won’t be easy to use this (otherwise buglers would do the same easily :stuck_out_tongue:)

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