PanStamp binding not available

Hello, I am new and installed a demo-installation on my windows notebook. One reason for me to take a closer look on openHAB was the available binding for Panstamp. I installed the newest release of openHAB, but Panstamp is not available. How can I include bindings that are available, but not available on installed system?


It looks like this binding is a v1 binding (see the small v1 icon next to its name).

openHAB is now at v2, and by default v1 bindings are not shown in paperUI. However, there is a toggle that you can change to get PaperUI to show you the v1 bindings, which I think is at: Configuration > System > Add on management > Include Legacy 1.X bindings.

I’m not sure whether you will need to restart openHAB after flipping this toggle in order to show the v1 bindings…

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I have to correct that statement, Version 1 bindings are shown, the switch you are referring to would be displaying those Version 1 bindings for which a Version 2 is out there.
On the question why this binding does not show on PaperUI I have no explanation at the moment, sorry.
Could a member of the @maintainers have look?

There is no feature for that binding. I can‘t see if it has been deleted for some reason or never added.

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With the introduction of openHAB 2 openHAB 1 bindings were enabled if they were confirmed to work with openHAB 2. Any binding not confirmed doesn’t have this feature file and therefor can’t be installed directly from within PaperUI. It might be possible to manual install by dropping the jar file of the binding in the addons directory. But there is no guarantee that might work. And looking through the forum here it might not work directly. panstamp doesn’t look very active either.

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Thanks for this explanation.

On GitHub openHAB-addons there is an issue with the list of OH1 bindings and their status with relation to having an OH2 version available. This list also contains the information if the binding is supported:

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