Paper UI 404 Error in JDBC persistence configuration

Hi i’m a newbie but so far I managed to install OH2 on a Synology NAS with MQTT binding and the JDBC persistence running and logging.
What was clear is that the Synology package is doing good but that the files are not always getting where then should be. I think this is due to the newly DSM6.0 rights management settings.

That is also the problem with the 404 error with the JDBC mariaDB persistence I think.

Can someone help me with these questions:

  • Where can I find the source of the downloaded add-ons? so i can look for missing files in my set-up.
  • What is the folder path of the HTTP UI’s ?
  • Where and how can I log UI’s errors? Using log:debug gives me way to much data to go though.

I have exactly the same problem. Most documentations showing only 1.x stuffs. Strangely the configuration data is stored somewhere but can’t find where. It’s not in Jsondb.