Paper UI: adding Z-Wave Devices

I am struggeling a little bit with the Z-Wave Binding. I have an Aeon Laps Stick on my PI3 running Habian on it. Everything works fine so far. I was able to connect the stick via using Habmin. I started inclusion mode and I was able to add a Fibaro Wall plug. I can see this in Habmin. But it is not showing in the Paper UI. What have I got to do?

Is the plug in the inbox? Does a serial Thing for the controller show up under Things in PaperUI?

Yes. The Aeon Labs Stick is plugged in. And I can see it in the Paper UI is shown as online. And while I was checking again I could see that Node 2 now appears. :slight_smile: Maybe it need just need some time. (I was testing for more than 30 minutes before I posted this request),
I am repeating myself: A big thank you to all the ones that are answering in this forum so fast and are so patient!