Paper UI and config files

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2
    • OS: openHABian


I played with openhab version 1.x a time ago. Now I want to connect my homematic and avm smarthome parts with openhab 2. But I think i didn’t understand the paper ui. In the 1.x version from opehab I put the binding in the right folders, config the things, items and the sitemap. Now with 2.x I have the paper ui. But where is the config form paper ui? When I set up my fritz box for example with paper ui, I thought this create me demo.things and the items files. But nothing. I didn’t found more information about that, ore a searched at the wrong place. How does this work, and where I can find the config files for paper ui?

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A think a easy way to start is, to choose Demo at the initial setup.
Then you have item, rule, sitemap and thing-files like version 1.x in openhab2-conf and cfg-files in services

I created a home.things, home.items and a sitemap and it works. My question is, where are the config files for the paper ui interface? They are not at the same place like the normal files, like home.items and the sitemap for example.

There is a migrating tutorial for those moving from v1 to v2 of openhab. In short the paper ui uses a database which u cant play with so read the tutorial on how to backup etc. personally I prefer to still use the text file methods as it is faster.