Paper UI: cannot unlink channel if linked in the item file?

If I linked an item to a channel in my items file, it looks like the link cannot be broken in Paper UI.
When pushing the “button”, I can see the message “Channel unlinked” at the top right in my browser but the button remains checked and there is no log entry mentioning an unlink.
At least the message should be changed.
But the question is more this one: is it expected to not be able to unlink in Paper UI an item from a channel that was linked in the items file ?
Tell me what what issue I should create in Git.

Items files are hard-coded. PaperUI does not have the ability to change them, so it would seem that the ticket would be to have PaperUI reflect that it was not able to change it, and perhaps why so that the user knows what to do next.

Hope that helps.

Ok thank you, I opened a new issue.