Paper UI Control is empty

I am running the latest raspberry PI buld and I’ve added some bindings and some things - Philips Hub + Lamps and 2 HS100 TP LInk sockets. I can see then in the config menu options but nothing in the Control section.

I found an old forum post back in May 17 which seems to say the same thing but apart from a new build I don’t see a fix.

Any ideas ?


Only Channels that have Items linked to them will appear in the Control Tab. Do you have Items?

I have Bindings, Things, Items - not encounterd channels yet. I’m in the process of starting again after re-flashing the Sd-card. I will have another look for channels tomorrow.

Under Concepts:

Things provide “Channels”, which represent the different functions the Thing provides. Where the Thing is the physical entity or source of information, the Channel is a concrete function from this Thing. A physical light bulb might have a color temperature Channel and a color Channel, both providing functionality of the one light bulb Thing to the system. For sources of information the Thing might be the local weather with information from a web service with different Channels like temperature, pressure and humidity.

Channels are linked to Items, where such links are the glue between the virtual and the physical layer. Once such a link is established, a Thing reacts on events sent for an item that is linked to one of its Channels. Likewise, it actively sends out events for Items linked to its Channels.

Ok - I have reconfigured back to my original. Lets take a simple scenario. I added TP-Link binding and it found 1 HS100 things which are simple on/off plugs.

I have called them Garage Light 1 and Garage Light 2.

If I click on either of the thinks I can see the channel.

So now I assume I need to select configuration - items and add.

I have found the page in the documentation on this.

The 2 sockets turn on at the same time and off at the same time abeit via the TP-LINK Kasa app and a schedule at the moment.

I’m not sure at this point what I would put in the Name, Label & Category fields. I will have other devices in the future and want to use a sensible naming convention - assuming it’s up to me.

Could you pehaps give me some guidence for my example on the items screen please. I’m just using the web gui. WOuld I be better off with Eclipse Smart Home ?

OK I have figured it out by accident. The item is created from the things screen and letting it do it for you. I can see it on the Control page now,

Yes, it’s up to you. I recommend using meaningful names like “Bedroom_Lamp” as opposed to device focused names like “TPLINK_12345”. Label is how the Item will appear on your Sitemap or HABPanel when you put it there (i.e. the text displayed). The Category defines the icon that is shown for that Item on the Sitemap.

If you don’t want to mess with text files (you will have to eventually) use HABPanel to build the user’s UI.

Getting there, small steps. Familiarity with the GUI helps and I suppose as with all things, when you have done something enough times it becomes second nature. At this stage I’m reluctant to guess when it comes to making new entries etc in case I live to regret it later. This comes to my next point.

I used Etcher to burn the image onto the SD-CARD. What can I use to take snapshots of the whole SD-CARD file system. The reverse of Etcher ? I use a Mac.

Success - I have a sitemap and items files and they turn stuff on and off. I’m easily pleased :smile:

There is almost nothing you can do that cannot be undone through the UIs. Now if you go deleting files left and right indiscriminately on the OS you will have a bad day.