Paper UI / Delete old rooms


is it possible to delete unused rooms in the control?

There are many empty rooms.

thank you!

Hi “overrunner” …

Greetings from Luxembourg …

Did you find a solution on this issue … As I wanted to start from scratch a new OpenHabian install, as the first install was just to play around …
So I’ve reinstalled a new image from scratch on my SanDisk, but old Room is still on Paper UI …

Thx in advance,

If you check userdata\jsondb\org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json, do you still find lines that say
"location": "Old Room"? (ofcourse replace “Old Room” with the actual name of the room)
If so, identify those Things and see if you can find them via Paper UI as well.

Also, you might want to check if clearing cache and tmp folders helps.

Do you have unitialized things in PaperUI->Configuration->Things?

Rooms which are configured in these “zombie”-things, will be displayed in the control section even if the thing is not shown (because it’s not initialized).

You may try to delete these unwanted things from PaperUI and/or from your thing-files to get the “old rooms” disappearing. Klick on

PaperUI->Configuration->Things-> <your-zombie-thing> -> Edit (the blue button on the top)

to check, if the unwanted room is mentioned here. If so, change it to the “right” room or delete the whole thing:

PaperUI->Configuration->Things-> <your-zombie-thing> -> Delete (the trash bin icon top right corner)

If you have configured your things in things-file, the you have to delete it there…

Hi curlyel,

Thx for your hint …

Despite the whole rewriting of the OpenHABian image to the SD-Card, I had my KNXIPGTW still located within this Zombie localization …

Removing it did solve the issue …

Thx RolfV for your reply … I presume this would have also solved this issue …

Thx to all,

Glad it helped :wink:
Mind marking my former post as solution helping others find it quicker if coming across the same issue?