Paper UI Dimmer Values with more than 30 digits

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi3
    • OS: openhabian

Hi everyone,

i added some Dimmer Items for the DMX Binding to control Brightness of some fixtures.

But when i klick on the Dimmer Fader in the Paper UI it not switched to 75% instead it shows 75.68627450980392268320429138839244842529296875 %.

Later i want to display this value over rest API on a small display and it looks awful.

Is there a way to set up fixed 100 steps, so only "clean" values where displayed?

Best regards


What does the item config look like?

Ignore the PaperUI
It is not meant for daily use but admin purposes
Use a sitemap

Even when i switch with the sliders in HABPanel the values are like 65.234682035498620348% not just 65%.

You need to format the item
Use %d %