Paper UI download

Hi, I am not able to download paperUI as the page is not opening . I am using my raspi ip addrees along with :8080 to load the page but its not opening. please help me in this regard

Is openhab running?

sudo systemctl status openhab2.service


i got this , its activating wat to do?

It’s not starting
Did you just install it?
New SD card?

no i installed it 3-4 days back

earlier i chkd it it was running

now its showing activating

Old SD card?

its the new one only … openhab is only installed in it

Format it.
Start again. openhabian image.

I agree, a rebuild will probably be the most efficient use of your time. If it happens again come back and we will need to troll through the logs to figure out what is wrong.

Note, never remove power from the RPi without first shutting down the system. There is a high likelihood of file system corruption. Often when it used to work and it inexplicably stops working it is because this happened or the SD card has worn out. The solution in both cases is a restore from backup or a rebuild. If the SD card is worn out then replacing the SD card is also required.