Paper UI icons how to

How can I set icons in Paper UI?

Where can I find the built in icon set so that I can refer to them? I found this link but doesnt seem to be up to date:


That would be new to me. Why do you think so?

After you got your things and items set up with PaperUI you can assign icons while building your sitemap:

Thom, thanks for your prompt answer.

I could not find some icons in the list that are used in demo version at first. But I rechecked now all and seems to be ok.

Can you confirm the Paper UI is only for things, items setup and sitemap must be done via config file?
Also can you help me with cometvisu UI? I am getting the following error on Win 10:
Problem accessing /cometvisu/. Reason:
Not Found

Paper UI can be used to configure general settings, install add-ons/bindings, discover things and link channels to items. All of that can also be done in text-based configuration. Additionally sitemaps, rules and related topics can only be done there.

I have no experience with cometvisu. You probably want to look into HABPanel.