Paper UI issue after upgrading to OH 2.2

On Paper UI, Configuration ->Items menu has disappeared after upgrading from OH 2.1 to OH 2.2.
Thanks for your help.

This has been reported elsewhere
For some reason the Simple Mode setting is not sticking. An issue was filled I think.

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I have the same problems (meaning: I switched from stable OH 2.1 to unstable (:wink: ) 2.2 - and having the problem that the item-tab in Paper UI has vanished.

Now, I know that a new issue has been opened and the problem is just around 1 day known - so I do not wish appear unpatient, but please let me ask:
What is your recommendation? Switch back to 2.1 or remain in 2.2?

Reson why I ask: I would like to make a few changes on an existing item - and at the moment I cannot do that (I use Paper Ui to organize all my things & items)


Switch back to a build prior to #1025 or just wait a couple of days … Meanwhile you could train your skills and set up some textually configured items :grinning:

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Issue is solved with build #1034

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I’ve installed build #1034.
Issue solved.
Thanks sihui and all the community.

worked for me as well. thanks a lot.

Dear all,

It’s not fully fixed, yesterday I did a migration from 2.1 to 2.2 and after setup some items, the menu disappeared…

Any work arraigned to show it back?

Thanks and regards


Don’t forget to turn “Simple Mode” off to have the items tab back …