PAPER UI - Items and CFG

i’m migrating from 1.8.3 to OH2.
But i have few questions:

  1. i add items via /etc/openhab2/items and works correctly; unfortunately i added also 1 item via PAPERUI with the same name of the items file. Now i can’t delete it via PAPER UI (error 404) but the items isn’t in the items folder…
    Where is the PAPER UI items folder?
  2. some binding (ASTRO and NTP) doesn’t generate the .cfg file.
    I try with astro.cfg but doesn’t work. how can i understand to name the cfg file?
    Thanks in advance

Hey, first thing: did you read ?

I think both your questions can be answered by reading the article plus other docs articles. To answer shortly:

  1. Your approach sounds about right. Just adding the thing/item to your configuration file should work, otherwise you might want to delete the thing/item from the karaf console (see docs on administration/karaf)

  2. astro and ntp are both native openHAB 2.0 bindings and do not have/need a configuration file. Check the docs readme for them