[Paper-UI] Link Channel Pop-Up (Select item to link) --> Expected?


Pulled in the latest version of the code (master-fb7b9f1) .

I enabled the Sonos plugin and performed and started Openhab2 from the IDE.
Found a sonos speaker and added it to a group.

The Sonos-thing configuration page then opens and I see the several channels.
Curiously they are all checked out.
And when I enable one of the channel I get the following pop-up

Is this expected behavior or a bug or something wrong in my environment (browser/build) ?
( do note that with previous version of the code, this behaviour did not occur )

I just retested it from a another clean-environment and have the same wih a Yahoo-Weather thing.

I’ll try to test another pc, but help would already be handy.
If I need to shift my question/report to another forum, let me know.


Yes, this is fully expected. You can link your item to channels here.
I will try to produce some tutorial for the Paper UI by next Monday, this will explain the concepts a bit.

I think if you wanted to have the old behavior you can go to the preferences page (last item in the navigator) and deselect the ‘advanced’ checkbox. In that case a liked item is automatically created for you.

From end Nov it seems like the ‘advancedDefault’ became true, hence you manually need to deselect it

When linking a channel to an item, I was expecting that my item file to be updated but it is not. Does it mean that I have to set the channel link in my item files and don’t care about this paper UI feature?
Where is saved this link if not in the item file ?

When things are discovered with the paper UI, where are they saved? I see no things file created. Is it still required to define things file ? I did it but then the things appeared in double in paper UI.

Sorry if my remarks are stupid, I am new with OH2.

When I start classic UI with the default sitemap, I discover a page with all my things but nothing behind each thing.

Except this general understanding problem, paper UI looks very promising, especially if it can help to define items.

Hard to unterstand

As I do…is

OH2 and paper ui stores evrything in mapdb internally…
Other conf files are for stuff manually added

I think even manual added stuff should all be done in paper ui or any other oh2 admin solution \ editor (habmin2)??
Would be easier to understand

@Kai: Thanks for the info and interested to know the concept behind further

@marcel_verpaalen: Bedankt, so I can use the old behaviour until it gets more clear.

As explained by shorty707 and as how I see it (for the moment):
When you need to have a “thing” In the system where manual configuration is required ( no network discovery ), then you need to specify the necessary in the conf files.
Furthermore if you need a more “abstract”-UI-switch such “Turn all Lights Switches”, then I defined them also in the conf files ( items & rules) .

For Discoverable items ( and my current setup), I don’t define anything in the conf files. For example Just look for a sonos-spk on your network (upnp) and then add it your desired group. And then you should be able to control you sonos speaker.
But if you wish to write a rule to control the sonos speaker you need to update the rules-conf file.


For future readers->Ref: Tutorial +video on Paper-UI https://github.com/openhab/openhab-distro/blob/master/docs/sources/features/paperui.md

When you have understood the general principle, Paper UI is really cool to add/edit things.

Since this page still scores on top when you google the advanced dialog, and since the Git-hub link above is no longer valid; for further information, check the current version of the docs on Paper UI. Which, by the way, is always good practice if you haven’t done so for a while!

At the time of writing this, you will find some information as per the link below!