Paper Ui , Multiple MQTT Command Topics


Is there a way to send the same command to 2 different topics without using rules
I found that in the MQTT State Topic can be done by using Wilde card “/topic1/+/topic2/”
but does not work on Command Topic.

Any suggestions, please?

A channel can have only one commandTopic.
But you can link more than one channel to an Item.

That’s probably the wrong approach, even if you want to send the same command to two different devices it is probably best to represent them in openHAB as two Items.
You can always link Items with rules, or you can use follow profile in some cases.

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Thanks, Rossko
it’s actually the same Device it’s an Esp Easy, problem is that it does not not keep the PWM
status When using the PCA9685 module so had to add a dummy device representing the PWM values.

So I need 1 topic to set the PWM and another to update the dummy Value.

Maybe I have to rethink the whole thing, will see what are my options thanks again :smile:

Well, you can link two channels to one Item, and one channel can be configured write-only. Something you might have to worry about is that the two topics are not guaranteed to arrive at your target in any particular order.

It does sound like something you should be sorting out within the device though.

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Hi Rossko,

Never did that (link two channels to one Item) but will give it try see how things go
I think that might solve it, will keep you posted


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