Paper UI no control buttons after adding a thing

Dear community,

received my rpi 3b+ yesterday for my very first experience.
I want to connect my Niko Home Control (NHC) to openhab.
Let me clearly state i am stil very new to this.

I first tested Openhab on my local pc and worked like a charm.
Then i installed openhabian on my rpi and i try doing the same, it seems all is working fine up untill i go check my buttons in the “control” section of my paper UI, this shows the room name as a tab page on top but there are no actual buttons to turn the light on/off.
The things i have added are also showing “online” in the “things” section.

I am a bit lost :slight_smile:
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

The control section of the PaperUI is only a reference UI. It is not meant to “Control” the things.
In order to add interaction to OH you need to use the BasicUI or the ClassicUI with the use of Sitemaps and items:



Items and Items

Have you linked any items to your things?

I’ve seen this behaviour before, where I’ve created a Thing (which caused the tab to be created), but it was blank because I hadn’t added / linked an item.

Hey vzorglub,

thanks for all the info, been busy reading and testing in the mean while.
The links were very helpfull and made me understand the process a lot better.

I had some help in the mean while creating the items, we did this with the nodejs and via Yo (all new to me, just giving the info i have seen, this creates the items for me)
Creating the items made the buttons visible in the Basic UI, tho the buttons did not work and did not show up on the Paper UI in “Control”.

the solution i will post below :slight_smile:

If i could i would set your answer as well as a solution, you pointed me to the next step.
I bet this would have been my next question “how can i change the UI”
Thank you!

Hey Mdar,

spot on.
the items had to be linked in order to show the buttons on the Paper UI “control” section.
This also fixed my new issue in the Basic UI where the buttons did not work but were visible.
This issue was not on my pc version but only on the rpi version.

Thank you all for your fast and good input!

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