Paper UI not working as expected

Hi all!

Linux Mint
java -version = 1.8.0_201
javac -version = 1.8.0_201

I have followed
The only different parts regarded to my installation is in mine like:
Java 1.8+VM = /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre(Current)
1.17.0 Build 4616

Everything work as expected and regarded to above instructions, but there are no bindings showing up in PaperUI.

BR Basse

Are you looking to do development on openHAB and need help with that? If so we need to move this post to a different category. If you just want to use openHAB, you are following the wrong instructions and need to follow Optionally, you should be able to follow the manual instructions at

Thank’s, Sorry my mistake. This is regarding installation and running of the Eclipse IDE. I will do another try.

BR Basse

Did you follow the steps under Debugging an Add-on?

Thank’s for your advice,
Yes, to the very end.
I have had everything running, same bindings etc. with the version Eclipse 19-03 and also an another(older i suppose build), but I had to do a new installation due to some trouble with this former installation

In development environment, no binding is installable the same way as in prod version. You have to include the bindings you want to activate in the pom.xml.

Thank’s for the advice.
I have done the installation of bindings as described in section Debugging an Add-on, but in Paper UI will there be now bindings at all.

This is so strange, I started this thread in last Friday after a lot of negativ tries to have PaperUI work as expected.
I have then done nothing, (I have been away from home), until today Sunday and when I start Paper UI today will I see the binding Astro just as expected. This is so weird, I will be back if I find some reason to what has happend.
Thank’ s to all so far, Basse

I have to restart the IDE after "Debugging an Add-on, 5.
After that will the bindings show up in Paper UI as expected.