Paper UI & Smart Home Designer: Items not visible


unfortunately I did not find any information on this: I installed OpenHAB2 and used the Paper UI to create items linked with a MySensors node and a self made dimmer. This is working fine (display values in a chart after installing MySQL persistence and controlling the dimmer in hte HABPanel). However, now i would like to use the SmartHome Designer to create a rule so the dimmer gets switched on at sun set.

Problem: The items are not visible in the Designer, but I see the persistence files that I created to it must be the right folder? Do I have to create everything manually to have autocomplete and syntax check?

OH2 runs on armbian on an Orange Pi, Designer on arch linux, accessing /etc/openhab2 via NFS.

Any item or thing created by paper UI is not visible in Designer, this is due to the fact, that Paper UI stores its creations not in .items or .things files. But of course you can use this items, channels and so on e.g. in your rules (though the auto complete function may not work correctly, I did not test this yet).

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PaperUI Items / Things are stored in the json files. the items files are only used by openhab 1.X or if u use them manually

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Thanks Udo, auto complete indeed does not work but I could create a rule. It’s a pity though…Do you know of any development to try to incorporate the .jsons so the Designer knows about it?

Not that I am aware of…