Paper UI vs .items

I’m starting to find limitations with using the Paper UI for items, or I’m using it wrong. Things like formatting numbers, etc, to limit decimal places.

Is it better to use the .items file for more control?


i think, this is a religion.
Since i start with openhab, i use .items and visual studio code.

For me the best practice to control and understand the system.

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Ha ha. I know what you mean. This is all quite new to me. I’ve been using SmartThings for about 2 years. I know Python pretty well but I’m definitely not what you would call a coder. I thought I would give OpenHAB a try after going crazy with HomeAssistant and NodeRed. I installed this a few days ago and I’m just going through moving everything over, testing my rules, and then moving more over.

A lot of the documentation I see seems to assume that you’re using .items, .things and .rules. Although the Paper UI is nice and intuitive, I find I like to know what’s going on in the background. I think I’ll stick with Paper UI to get things moving quickly and then move more into .items as I need more control.

It ist tricky to move. I investigate the paperUI settings.
My Tipp, write all in files. Rules and special settinga will be only in flat files.

The community is great and good.
i use openhab one year, but only to see, whats its possible, my most envirement are hue and homematic.

For 3 weeks i bought a zigbee stick and dive into openhab.
so i write a bridge for my ventilation (UPD communication) to zigbee in python (learn it in 2 weeks, but i know basic, powershell, pacal, rexx, clist) and have include smoke detector, wallswitches, IKEA Buttons,…
I make new Nameconvention and split things an itmes in different files…

I will saw, with more knowledge, more things to do will be come.
And then is the paper UI to less control. I use it only to see the discover of new things .

i wish you very fun with openhab, it will be a great software.

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Read the docs.

Number formatting you can override in sitemap.

Are you struggling with the [ state format ] , described in docs for xxx.items file usage?
It’s not obvious, but works in the same way for PaperUI - put [your formatter] at the end of your label text.

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There is nothing new about splitting Things and Items into different files because it NEVER worked with defining them in a shared file!

Hello Opus,

sorry, my english is not good. I mean, i make more than one file for the .things and more than some files for the .itmes.
So i habe one file only for homematic things, ohne for hue
items i decide between zigbee/mqtt items, hue items and so one.

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