PaperUI _default sitemap's things vs items + BasicUI behaviour

If I understood correctly, some UI’s (including the android app) can show _default sitemap which contains an automatically linked “item” for each “thing channel”.

a) However, I cannot copy the list of items to a new sitemap - right?
b) This means I have to re-create each item in order to use it in a new sitemap - right?
c) In several UIs and App, when running the _default sitemap, things are a bit weird.

Example 1, my thermostats have a channel “Actual Temp” (read) and “Set Temp” (input).
Via PaperUI they work well, but over other UIs, “Set Temp” behaves like a readout.

Example 2, network-device-online-status is a read value (is device_A online? Yes/No), but in BasicUI or others, it shows up as an input toggle switch, which obviously is actually not possible.

Is the situation described in c, caused by OpenHab limitations, or limitations in the way _default is generated? I.e., if I made the items manually, could I resolve this sort of situation?


A correct
B and C all depends on the item type you used. Read the docs, it is all written in there.

Switch item=Presence_Nadir_Mobile

This gives me a network icon with a command switch.
How to make it only a state switch?

Read here, look for contact!

Contact Presence_Nadir_Mobile “Nadirs Mobile” { channel=“network:device:GalaxyS8-NDR:online” }


Frame label=“People”
Switch item=Presence_Nadir_Mobile

Still behave wrong… :frowning:

How can I change the above example to behave as a switch without a toggle?