PaperUI and presence detection


I have the latest openHAB 2 installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 using openHABian.

I just dont get the logics of this system.
In the PaperUI I can set ‘some’ Bindings, Things, Items and Links but not everything and the implemented ones are not all working out of the box.

For example I have a Fritzbox and a few Fritz!DECT 200 plugs.
So I started to install the Binding of AVM FritzBox.
Then I went to Configuration->Things, clicked the “Add Button” and chose the Fritzbox Binding.

As the Fritzbox was not setup right now, I added the DECT 200 manually.
So I inserted the AIN and gave it a name.
After seting the fritzbox up, I had no access to the Fritz!DECT 200 plug.
The reason is, that the “Thing ID” (in my case f0edea05) has to be changed tp “IP_IP_IP_IP:AIN”.
There is NO hint for that - I also didnt find anything in the documentation.

This costed me more then one hour…
And I just get to know this, because I made the same after the Fritzbox binding was finished and I searched the Fritz!DECT 200 plugs “automatically”.

I then tried to do a “simple” presence detection at using the FritzBox Tr064.
Sadly there is nothing I can do to get this working in the PaperUI.

I have to use a “sitemap”… therefore I have to dig deep into my system, using putty/SSH/FTP and have to code everything by hand.
For a beginner this also means to get familiar with the coding and its logics behind it.

There is a big gap between the shiny PaperUI and the sitemap+basicUI interface.
I always have to use a Laptop and connect to my system, editing files by hand to add more functions.

This is not really userfriendly.
Cant be true that changing or adding a function needs as much effort as hacking the system.
It would be better if there was some sort of inline terminal or a editor to build the sitemap and stuff…

So instead of testing openHAB with some simple implementations, I have to take some days to learn how to program this…

by the way: what is the difference between the “FritzboxTR064 Binding” and the “Network Binding” regarding to the presence detection?

If you have any Ideas how to make this easier to work, then let me know.

If you would have started reading Here, you would have read “If you are new to openHAB, we recommend to learn a bit about openHAB first before jumping in - please proceed directly to the Getting Started chapter below!”
By reading there you would already know that the PaperUI is build as an administrative tool and that sitemaps are GUIs meant for user interaction.

Because I think you understand german

@opus: I read the concepts untill “Thing discovery” and then the “new user tutorial”.
But is there any of my problems listed?

There is only the hint, that the PaperUI has no customizable layout … (later there is a hint, that the PaperUI does not cover all (yet)).

And from the tutorial I also had the example of the “Network Binding” I was writing about.

So yes, I read it - and the thing is, that the “Thing ID” of the DECT 200 plug is still not closer specified.
So even a non beginner couldnt manually link it correctly from the PaperUI.

That is in contradistinction to “Automate with Ease” when you have to read and view tutorials for one week and to programm and create files (and transfer/overwrite them) for every device/thing and item by hand.

This system is great but the handling is far from intuitive.

I just installed HABmin and it looks like it merges the missing things together…
Also if the switches dont work right now… (for any god known reason).

Thanks @hr3:
I have seen these tutorials already.
As mentioned they are pretty deep with hardcoding everything in different files - and at this point I have no idea how to structure my stuff at best (rooms… functionality… presets… how to show things).
So I might have to change every hardcoded stuff in the future with a shiny texteditor - in 2018.

I will have a look at HABmin to see if I can use it as an editor for rules and presence detection.

EDIT: I can set rules graphically via the HABmin UI but I cant find them and the first rule is not deletable.
Here it says that all rules are in ${openhab.home}/conf/rules.
I dont know what the ${openhab.home} should be… but the only rules folder I could find was in /etc/openhab2/ and there is none of my graphically created rules.

OH is an open source program so various parts of OH are at differing levels of maturity.

OH is also in transition. There was an old OH 1.x version and the newer 2.x version. 2.x is a near complete rewrite of the core to enable things like automatic discovery of Things. OH 1.x bindings are compatible and still used in OH 2.x, but because they were written for the older OH, they are unable to use or be configured and controlled by OH 2.x features.

OH 2.x supports nearly 350 different technologies and APIs. It is going to be complicated. And various bindings will be more or less mature or complex than others. I don’t know anything about Fritzbox but I know lots of OH users are successfully using them with this binding.

Most OH 2.x bindings are intended to automatically discover Things. So perhaps this binding is built with that assumption as well.

Again. It’s an open source project meaning it is and forever will be a work in progress. It is getting better in all the areas you highlight as problems but it isn’t there yet. If only you knew how far we have actually come in usability though.

Something like ?

Not everyone has a Fritzbox. As far as I’m aware, they are not even available outside of Germany. Network Binding uses ping, arping, and dhcplisten to detect the presence or absence of devices on the network. The Fritzbox binding interacts with the Fitzbox’s API directly and consequently provides significantly more access to information.

For the most part, I wouldn’t expect a beginner to create Thing manually. Until they become a bit more familiar with OH and how it works (it’s a complex system) I would expect beginners to use automatic discovery of Things. But for your specific case, an issue filed on the Fritxbox addon to improve that binding’s documentation might be warranted.

That is how large portions of OH work right now. If you don’t want to edit text files I’m afraid you will have to wait or move on. There are some things that just cannot be done through the UIs right now.

The Rules Editor in HABmin currently doesn’t work. You can look at the Experimental Rules Engine which will let you create some basic rules in PaperUI, but there are significant features that are lacking. You will have to code your rules in .rules files.

As I said, HABmin rules currently do not work.

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