PaperUI and WebUI not reachable after upgrade to 2.5

Hello Guys,

My openhab is installed on RaspPi 3B Today I start the update via openhabian-config. This upgrade was finished without error messages, but since that PaperUI is not reachable. Also my sitemaps are not reachable via Android App here I can read, that the server is offline.

I checked if the Server is startet:
[16:12:38] openhabian@openHABianPi:~$ systemctl status openhab2.service
● openhab2.service - openHAB 2 - empowering the smart home
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/openhab2.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Drop-In: /etc/systemd/system/openhab2.service.d
Active: active (running) since Wed 2020-06-10 15:41:36 CEST; 31min ago
Main PID: 620 (java)
Tasks: 31 (limit: 4915)
CGroup: /system.slice/openhab2.service
└─620 /usr/bin/java -Dopenhab.home=/usr/share/openhab2 -Dopenhab.conf=/etc/openhab2 -Dopenhab.runtime=/usr/share/openhab2/runtime -Dopenhab.userdata=/var/lib/openhab2 -Dopenhab.l

Jun 10 15:39:27 openHABianPi systemd[1]: Starting openHAB 2 - empowering the smart home...
Jun 10 15:41:36 openHABianPi systemd[1]: Started openHAB 2 - empowering the smart home.

I don’t understand, why my Openhab is not running

Can you help me?

What do the logs say? An upgrade has to download all the addons again. Perhaps it is not finished.

Since i perform the Update (15:15) in openhab.log are no new entry, but I restart the server new several times

Did you try clearing the cache ( & waiting…)? Clear your browser cache?

I was checking the text file. not via Browser, because the Via Browser nothing is reachable

Correction: The Log-URL is available. but isn’t

The 2 log files should have showed progress downloading addons, if I recall correctly.

What version did you upgrade from and to what version? There are many 2.5.x versions.

I Updated to 2.5.5-1 and I came from 2.4 (exaclty not known)

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I know there were major architectural changes. Did you read the 2.5 Release notes?
There will be many more changes whenever OH3 is released.

To be hornest, I totally lost with your link. I cannot really understand why all services seems to be running, but the server is not working at all. For me it makes no sense. If there where any error messages or something else, there was a point where I can start.

When you connect to openhab via browser to port 8080 ( I assume which you normally use ) what do you get ? An empty page, a page with a message, do you need to authenticate or does the browser timeout or … ?
Can you login to the server that hosts openhab and run

netstat -tulpe | grep LISTEN

you can redirect the output into a file like

netstat -tulpe | grep LISTEN > /tmp/output.txt

Login to karaf console.
What is the output of:

bundle:list |grep Paper



In addition to @Bruce_Osborne’s link, please read also this post:

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Thanks. I tried searching & could not find that.