PaperUI configuration parameter

I am developing a binding for the first time, and little experience in Java (at least at this level).
I used the given skeleton to create a binding that loads well. However, when I configure the Thing through PaperUI, I get the following log entry:

10:28:26.471 [qtp578595530-55] INFO o.e.s.i.r.c.i.thing.ThingResource:428 - Received HTTP PUT request for update configuration at ‘things/[thingId]/config’ for an unmanaged thing ‘[thingId]’.

What happens when I change a Thing parameter, which method is called? In the Thing or the ThingCreator? Unfortunately, the documentation does not help (and the Thing Handler Documentation in the Bindings developer documentation does not exist yet).

Do you have your binding in GH, where the code could be seen? The log appears to be pointing out that you are trying to configure a Thing that was created in a .things file, which is not possible since it would be unmanaged.

You are right, I still had an entry in the .things file. With that removed, that info message doesn’t appear anymore. It seems initialize() is called (with the new configuration parameter?).

However, I’m not able to extract the parameter. I try to do it like this (inside / initialize() ) (result is “null”):

logger.warn(“myBinding: ipaddress{}=”, getThing().getConfiguration().get(“ipaddress”));

This also does not work (also with output “null”):

logger.warn(“myBinding: ipaddress=”, getConfigAs(airqConfiguration.class).ipaddress);

The result is empty. Same thing in the / createThing(…), even when I had the configuration in the .things file.

Do you have ipAddress in the thing xml or maybe a typo in that file?

P.s. class names should start with an uppercase: AirqConfiguration.

I don’t think there is a typo. This is the configuration segment in thing-types.xml:

  	<parameter name="ipAddress" type="text" required="true">
  		<label>Network Address</label>
  		<description>The IP Network Address where the air-Q can be reached.</description>

The class names, including airqConfiguration, have been created by the script.

Oops… the “A” is upper case. There was a typo. And now the getConfigAs(…) method works.
Thank you for pointing me to the error!