PaperUI - Control View showing nothing


I just wanted to ask if anybody had similar experiences with the “control view” in the PaperUI.
Since snapshot #820 I do not see any of my items within the control view anymore. However every item works as expected.

I just upgraded to #858 with the same result. I can use the PaperUI for configuration and installation but
clicking “control” the page stays empty.

Anybody had a similar experience?


I’m having a rather similar issue.
Control does show the names of the items, but no controls,just some greyish lines:

Do you have a HarmonyHub in your System and installed the Binding?

I installed the snapshot yesterday and had exactly the same issue. Paper UI empty. Further more my zwave network seems to be broken. All devices staied in PING or WAIT condition. So i decided to went back to my image backup i hv done before (openhab 2.0).

FYI: I have those TV-SAMSUNG, NETWORK and Z-WAVE Binding, and Paper UI was not showing any control.

So i think i stay on stable versions now :slight_smile:

I could solve the issue by replacing all occurrences of “%d” in my items/sitemaps with “%s”