PaperUI detects 350+ Devices, most of them BlueTooth ... How to disable?

After watching some Youtube videos and more readings, I convinced myself to use both PaperUI and HABpanel as a start. When I launched PaperUI, it detected 353 devices, and most of them were BlueTooth devices. Also, I have a Samsung TV, and somehow it got discovered 3 times (?). Back to the BlueTooth devices, I know I do not have that many at home. I ran a couple of iOS apps (BLE Scanner), and they reported ~20 devices only.

  1. Is there a way to flush/clear ALL BlueTooth devices already in paperUI and re-scan ? I know how to clear them one at a time though that is not too efficient.
  2. How do I keep only ‘significant’ devices? Most of them are not properly identified. though some are (My Fitbit and Sprinkler system).
  3. Could I be picking up some of the neighbor’s devices? How to ‘discriminate’ against those, by the signal’s dB level ?

Thank You.

I can say with certainty that there are no official videos by our developer experts. Do you need the Bluetooth binding? Removing it would certainly stop the discovery.

Thank you. I did turn off the BlueTooth binding, yet I still have a total of 394 items in the Inbox.

How do I clear/wipe the ‘Inbox’, and re-scan ?