PaperUI: Implement user messages


I am implementing a new binding for oh2.

Is there a possibility to display a user message (via PaperUI) to improve error handling e.g. display a message
connection fails during discovery.


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As part of discussion in the past (I could not find the link, my bad) error logs should remain in logs as they are not part of UX. If you need to debug even the UI, just hit F12 to toggle the developer tools, and read through the console logs. We have 300+ Bindings, if developers have the ability to show error messages in the UI, the screen would be full of it since any error can happen at any given time.

There are possibilities to display user message once a thing is actually created, but before that its harder. For example of the thing status:

The DSMR binding (not yet merged but PR is pending):


Or the Nest binding:


See in the the Nest code search for updateStatus

And the screenshot’s state is caused by the following line:

This is not something that is possible at the moment. I do have this feature in HABmin and use it for the zwave binding to provide user feedback about things like inclusion and exclusion, security events etc, but it’s not part of the system at the moment.

There is an open PR for the feature used in ZWave, but it’s been open for nearly 2 years. I think there’s an acceptance that the system has a need for this but there was a debate about the best way to do this, and it just stalled…

I don’t think the issue here is logging - users NEED to know immediately when something doesn’t work - detailed error information is for the log, but feedback is really a need. We can’t just expect them to sit there pushing buttons with not feedback when things don’t work.

We may have 300 bindings, but I don’t think anyone is running all of them :wink: .