PaperUI installs old version of HABmin

I have a problem with HABmin installation.

I am running openHAB 2.5.2 Release Build and when I try to install HABmin through PaperUI, it also says ui-habmin - 2.5.2.
But after installing, I am greeted with HABmin version 2.0.0 with the old logo and everything.

How can I get the latest HABmin version?


Don’t worry, it’s the latest version. See the date.

Oh ok,

I was little surprised by the old openhab logo, and the graphics in general. And also it didn’t match the screenshots I saw prior installing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

HABmin is essentially abandonware, It is certainly still useful for some jobs in OH2, but don’t expect everything to work or fancy presentation.