PaperUI not responding after several minutes

I have another home automation set up (Indigo), and am trying to migrate to OpenHAB (latest) because of its flexibility and long list of supported devices and protocols.

I have several addons installed, most of my Things are zwave, but I also have Hue, Sonos and Harmony plugins installed. I’m running om java8 on MacOS. I’ve setup around 60 Things and over 100 Items. I’ve added the Thing in PaperUI (jsonDB), and added the items in .items files.

Thing were going smoothly and I was having fun experimenting, but all of a sudden I’m having problems with PaperUI. The HTTP requests to the openhab instance keep running forever. In the log I can see the server being responsive e.g. to zwave messages, but no http requests are being handled. The browser inspector (chrome) shows it is waiting for response. I’ve tried stopping some of the bundles in karaf, if I stop a bundle that does http as well then sometimes a couple of requests get answered, only for the next ones to be blocked again. If I restart the instance, some requests will be answered and if I am lucky one of those is e.g. the list of Items, but after less then a minute the server starts queueing the HTTP requests again and I can no longer inspect Items through paperUI.

Does anyone have an idea where to look?



The Paper UI has been troublesome for quite some time and is not in the next version of openHAB that is in early testing and will be released at the end of this year.

We have an awesome Z-Wave & Zigbee developer here. Z-Wave uses a community maintained database accessible here. How many devices are in your network?

In fact, I came here just over a year ago from a different system and was so impressed with the Z-Wave support I have been helping the developer, mainly as a user.

Again, welcome to openHAB.

I have around 50 devices in total, some Qubino dimmers, some Fibaro motionsensors, some light switches and also some smartplugs.

I can see the Z-Wave support is excellent! Although I have the same problem others seem to have, the poll after a switch is too quick, and a switch from 100 to 0, will result in the Item being around 40 because the poll is too quick for the full drop to 0. I saw the topics about this and am aware of the repollperiod setting, but only know where to set it in Paper UI, which … does not work anymore…

The problem is not in the Paper UI only, the whole http server does not work anymore, e.g. just server:8080 does not work either, the browser status is “waiting for available socket”, so the internal (jetty?) server does not respond at all. Any idea where to find what is taking all the connections?

What hardware, OS, and Java version are you using?

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I’m running on my MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.14, java 8. I probably configured something wrong in a plugin or something, because it was running flawlessly for a week or so until today. I tried stopping the karaf bundles to find out which one was causing the problems, because I only know how to uninstall plugins from PaperUI…

Perhaps @chris our Z-wave developer has some ideas. I know he uses MacOS.

I’ve given up on that install and started over. I suspect the OpenHAB plugin in Visual Studio had something to do with it. My new install from scratch does not have the same problem.

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