Paperui Rules and Pushbullet


like to use a rule to get notified by Pushbullet. I used a command for he “then” part like: sendPushToDefaultDevice(“hello”)

However I get an error:
Command was not posted because either the configuration was not correct or a service was missing: ItemName: null, Command: sendPushbulletNote("String title", "String message"), eventPublisher:, ItemRegistry: org.eclipse.smarthome.core.internal.items.ItemRegistryImpl@189dfbeb

The service is not missing and the API Key for Pushbullet has been tested with a simple python script

Sending a command means sending a command to an Item. You can’t call an Action using send a command. You need to create a Script Action and import the Action sendPushbulletNote and call it with your message.

Unfortunately there isn’t much documentation for how to do that yet. The PaperUI Rules really aren’t yet read for general use. You might find something useful in Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine Documentation 1 of : Introduction. I think I covered Actions in the fourth posting in the series.

ok great and thx a lot for the link this helps covering a lot of my other questions regarding the Next-Gen Rules Engine.
Since I’m running OH in a a docker I will proplay call an external script which then sends a pushbullet notification. Might be the fastest way…

Look at MqttWarn for that.