PaperUI Topic/channel name

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

I connected two openHAB instances over MQTT with: Perfect!
In this case new channel has:
Channel type: On/Off switch
Channel id: testSwitch
MQTT state topic: generic/test-switch/state
MQTT command topic: generic/test-switch/command

I have a problem with setup any other type channels! My OpenHAB have this channel:

Here is PaperUI without form topic like “generic/foo/bar/{state,command}”

What settings(MQTT state topic,MQTT command topic) need to be set in “master” and “slave” instances?
How can I set a link to my existing channel?

What broker are you using?

See MQTT 2.5 Event Bus for a more robust and complete approach. If you are using scripted automation, you can just configure and use the Python library linked to on that post.

MQTT Broker.
I did everything exactly as in that article.

This is my Openhab Things

There are two bindings: MySensors and MQTT Binding.
I want to create link in Generic MQTT Thing to Arduino sensors from MySensors and don’t know how (

Your mqtt looks correct as I see the broker and a generic mqtt thing. Did you look at the link posted by Rich above?

Thank you for your help.
I thought there was an easy way to bind two topics.
And now I will build more complex connections, codes… My level is the most beginners))
I’m not programmer, is ‘MQTT 2.5 Event Bus’ library, binding or … ? How to install it?

Please read the link provided above.

“don’t cry out before you are hurt” ))

Thanks for the great Tutor, Rich!
I have solved my problem.