paperUI & URL


I’m new here and new @openHAB. I’ve installed openHAB on Ubuntu 16.04.3 Server and I must say that it cost me a few hours to get it running. Issues that I have right now is that the UI-settings get lost at every restart so I edited the UI-settings directly in the cfg-file with VI.

First I had the old version of openHAB installed and I could edit and run various sitemaps, since te latest version the system can’t find any .sitemap file (exept the demo.sitemap). But when I change the name of the demo.sitemap to xdemo.sitemap it stil gets the info from demo.sitemap (if its somewhere as a ghost).

And finally something strange:
My servername=lynx
My internal ip-number for the server=

Both if I use // or //lynx:8080 openHAB runs and every inferface runs oke but…
If I use //lynx:8080 and goto HABMIN it loads perfect
but if I use and goto HABMIN is stuck on ‘loading’

Any help is welcome, more problems to come :slight_smile: