Paradigma Heating Program Change

Paradigma heating systems with the SystaComfort II regulator can be controlled via an App called S-Touch. The following Java program emulates the App’s communication with the heating system and performs all the button presses to set the heating program 1.
PSEheating1.txt (9.3 KB)
Another program - which only differs in one line of code - sets heating program 2.

I use this to set the target temperatures based on the presence state. When nobody is home the system is set to use heating program 1 with temperature “Normal” - if someone is home program 2 is selected with temperature “Komfort”.

Hi Beluga,
I have to buy a new heating system and wanted to know, if you still use your script. Is it working properly? Your description to change the target temperatures and to control the heating modes would totally satisfy my requirements.
Thank you very much.

Hi Systobe,

I made the Java program a bit more generic. It now takes the heating’s IP plus a number from 1 to 6 as parameter. The number indicates which of the six heating programs to choose. It’s working nicely and I didn’t have to touch it for a year now. The only thing that is missing IMO is the ability to heat water on demand, but I couldn’t decode that part of the protocol yet.

Having said this, I would feel a bit uncomfortable making a decision on something as expensive as a heating system depend on my code. What if you get different software and my script doesn’t work with your version? :grimacing:

Thanks for your answer! I’m aware of the risk.
Meanwhile I’ve seen, that the new heating systems from Paradigma have an optional heating control with the ability to communicate via Modbus TCP for which a binding exists.
Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Do you already know how much the Modbus TCP control costs? I read about it, but couldn’t find any prices.

Not really. I only have a quote for the SystaCompact II module, which I think does not have the Modbus function. It’s just under 600€ exclusive of VAT. There are other modules with a “Smarthome” function, but it’s not explained what this exactly means.

Hi, I have just started a project to add a REST API to my SystaComfort, GitHub - beep-projects/SystaPi: Adding a REST API to Paradigma SystaComfort units

In general, I would go to a company that has a real smart home strategy. Paradigma keeps referring me to the installer of the system, but that guy is only interested in tubes and pipes and does not care about any IT stuff. So I think Paradigma got stuck in the 1980’s if it’s for home automation

I‘ve made a video hoe to get data from the systacomfort 2. Maybe this is helpful for you.

openHAB3 (deutsch) Modbus Binding am Beispiel SystaComfort 2 von Paradigma

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