Paradox EVO Binding

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No need to check. That was it! I’d changed it to 60 sec.



I have an idea. I have installed 13 zones. Binding goes through reading of 192 zones each time. If you put a limitation than binding will read only installed zones. This can be an option if somebody wants to use it (default is 192). This way you can reduce data flow size or probably speeds it up a little bit. Or might be my idea is useless as additional resource if reading 120 sockets are so minimal that it does not worth at all.


Yeah. That’s a good hint indeed and initially before I did the two steps login process with detection of the system and then reading the configuration data I’ve had this setting as parameters. I decided to get rid of it due to usability impact for regular users.
This idea will improve performance only during login, because then we’re reading the EPROM values from the system for each partition and zone. Afterwards what we do is we read the 16 memory pages 64 bytes each. Then we parse the RAM pages and update all 192 zones and all 8 partitions but it’s insignificant from performance perspective because the IO operations are already done.


I get a message from paradox that PMH is closing 31 of oktober, and i should upgrade to Swan.
I there any progress woth this binding in combination with the latste firmware?


Sorry but there is no progress and there is no work related to that. (at least from my side)


The PR for reconnect functionality has been merged into main branch. (

Unfortunately I don’t see it in the changes for Milestone build 4 in this post: openHAB Milestone builds

This means that the functionality is merged in development branch and will make it for Milestone build 5.


Too bad, you don’t use the paradox app?

I use the app on my phone from time to time. Problem with Paradox is that they don’t want to open anything from their control. If they provide us a REST API to this Swan service I would gladly try to implement this as additional method or as a new binding. Issue is that there is no documentation or anything provided officially by Paradox. All we’ve done has been done with tremendous efforts from the community in reverse engineering the low-level (byte) packets.
That’s very unfortunate and now I regret that I didn’t choose more open security system for myself. :frowning:

I would love to help you for the Swan reverse engineering, but i don’t have the knowledge.
I use the app all the time on my iPhone, i have 2 TM50’s that i don’t even touch, just look at the time and state…
any chance you would consider reverse engineering the new system?
And the fact that there is no API is good for security i think. so we can’t complain to much…

They have an API, mediated by a rendezvous server, but apparently it is not publicly detailed. This adds little to security, and in fact it may make things worst as it may lack public auditing.

SWAN is very different from the STUN method that is supported by PAI? (no idea, sorry). They would have to upgrade the firmware of the IP150 module.

Would I be able to get this working with OH 2.4 and an ip100 instead of ip150?

Hi Andrew,
welcome !
I have a binary with a very old version of the binding here:
You could give it a try but have in mind that it’s not the latest coding so I’m not sure what will be the behavior of it. For IP100 I guess you could give it a try but I never tested that.


Hi All
I’m a .net geek and have been trying to get the Paradox API Software Development Kit V2.6 for windows. I already have the manual in pdf format. Can anyone help?
Kind Regards

Hi John,

Welcome here !

I’ve checked the so-called “SDK” for windows some time ago. It seems that it’s just a DLL which wraps certain functionality of the low-level communication in C++/C# functions. This of course could be very useful if you want to bind your development for windows only.
Unfortunately we cannot integrate this in OpenHAB’s java environment or at least I’m not sure how to do that. Most OpenHAB installations run on linux. Probably we could create an windows agent using this SDK but I’m not sure if it worths the effort.

What kind of help do you need?


Hi K.

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

I have a Magellan 5050 system – and luckily the company who installed it gave me Winload. Personally I do not like the GUI and would like to write my own – hence the need for the SDK. (I have over 30 years experience of Windows & .net)

The Paradox dealer here has been no help in helping me obtain the SDK.

I was also thinking of writing a webservice so I could then write my own phone & TV apps.

Too add insult to injury my IP150 no longer sends emails as Parodox wants their own customers to pay for their Swan system. So I would also like to replace this functionality.

I am fairly confident that if I could get the SDK I could replicate the feature of Winload that I am interested in.

Also I am a firm believer in open source and would gladly share anything I did.




I use Iparadox app for remote access very rearly. Now it says PMH service will be shut down after 17th of November. I use windows10 and IP150 with 1.39 firmware. My panel is EVO192.
I haven’t confirmed so far the status of the binding because I made several changes recently and I could not see it working more than 2-3 days. But I’m pretty sure that it works now seamless for me as well. I was subscribed to where SDK should avaiable for download. If you do not have access I try to renew it somehow and check what is avaiable.



Hi Istvan

Many thanks for the reply.

Sorry I do not have access to paradox. I would appreciate any help obtaining the SDK.



Hi everybody, I’m a total newbie with openhab, and the main driver for me to build this system is to get rid of the Paradox app because I don’t want to switch to Swan. I did install binding and setup communication with IP150 in paperUI, the strange thing is that adding a panel I only get the “unknown” status (IP150 is “online”). Looking in logs he can detect the panel:

 2019-11-06 07:36:28.349 [INFO ] [nal.communication.CommunicationState] - Successfully established communication with the panel.
2019-11-06 07:36:34.638 [INFO ] [doxalarm.internal.model.ParadoxPanel] - Paradox system is supported. Panel data retrieved=ParadoxInformation [panelType=EVO192, serialNumber=0501XXXX, applicationVersion=Version: 6.-128.6, hardwareVersion=Version: 0.16, bootloaderVersion=Version: 1.0.15]

I’m quite confused, can somebody help me?

Thank you!

I would suggest to read this forum, check your setup based on that. You can find logging confog on aug 16. Set this up as share more details based on the log if you can not set it up. What is the firmware ver of your IP150?


I saw today a successful automated restart after 60 second.
So it works for me, thanks!