Paradox EVO Binding

I can’t remember if EVOHD is using the same memory mappings and responses as the EVO192. If it has different responses, I’m afraid it will require further development completely in the dark, as I don’t have such panel myself and will be pretty much try and error…

Is there anyone with EVOHD who successfully used the binding as it is so far?

How can i help you to test and identify the request format?

I´m about to invest in a new alarm system and Paradox is one of the systems I am looking at. So the big question for me is if there is working support for EVOHD or If I should look at the EVO192 panel instead.

I’m the original developer of the binding. I personally own EVO192 and I can say it works fine with it.
Cannot say if the binding works on EVOHD or not. If someone from the community uses successfully the binding on EVOHD, please step in.
I guess EVOHD is the next step in EVO series so not sure if it make sense to go for the older version. Problem is that if it doesn’t work, it’s very hard to enable the binding if EVOHD uses different memory mappings, as I will be mostly in the dark.


Thanks for the answer! Currently I’m more leaning towards Satels Integra at the moment. But I guess you don’t have any plans for a binding with evohd support?

in general EVO is very old stuff - there is literally no normal API and everything is a byte code calls.
Not sure how the guys reverse engineered that initially. It’s a nightmare.
I do not have such plans at the moment. Probably it’s into maintenance mode unless someone else who has different Paradox system joins and attempts to upgrade on the current binding.


Hi ,
this not working for me
Number paradoxDcVoltage “paradoxDcVoltage: [%.1f V]” { channel = “paradoxalarm:panel:ip150:panel:boardVoltage" }

Configuration model ‘paradox.items’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [19,31]: missing EOF at ‘“’
[34,139]: mismatched character ‘’ expecting ‘"’

Only voltage have problem , all other(arm,disarm,state, time…) is ok

rather old posting but I somehow missed it.
Check your syntax. Probably missing " or something…



Two quick questions:

  1. Does anybody have any updates on support for the MG5050 (Magelin) pannel?
  2. Has anybody tried using GitHub - ParadoxAlarmInterface/pai: Paradox Magellan, Spectra and EVO, with MQTT, Signal, Pushbullet, Pushover and others in conjunction with still using the Insite APP? As soon as I start up PAI my Insite app is no longer able to connect.


for 1 I have no idea but I guess no one did that. I would expect it’s done in the documentation. At least when I do any changes I update the features in documentation.
For 2 I think this is the normal behaviour of IP150. Basically it supports only one session via IP which is very stupid. You either use your app/web address of your IP150 or you use your other integration, i.e. PAI/OpenHAB binding.


I have changed from MG5050 to EVO192 my main board due to incompatibility. If you search for MG5050 there was some trials with Samsung Smartthings communication a few years ago. But finally both platforms and boards were changed. I did some trials with MG5050 but it is completely different.

I am going to attempt to add support for MG5050 as I have one, and my entire smart home setup will rely on it

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Hm… sorry it seems I completely do not get notifications or I messed up something so I see this now…

Great news. Just let me know if you need any help from my side. I can have a look at your branch if you already have some progress. I guess some stuff could be hard coded and may need refactoring even though I had the thought for eventual extensions.

Cheers !

Does enyone knows if this binding supports multiple bridges (panels)? I’m trying to add a second panel (bridge) to an existing and working OH3.3 with a single panel but I cannot make it work with two. The binding is only updating zones just for one bridge, not both.
Should it work with 2 panels connected simultaneously?

That is an interesting use case and I would expect it should work but cannot guarantee it :slight_smile:
Is there anything meaningful in the logs about the issue?
If you’d like some diagnostics, please check the first page where I explained how to setup logs… (may require update with the new log4j.xml approach but the idea is the same)


First of all, thank you for your answer and great binding!
I’d attached paradox.log.

As far as I can see, the problem is that both comunicators gets the same IP address and one is timing out…

See those lines:

2022-10-31 15:20:03.894 [DEBUG] [l.handlers.ParadoxIP150BridgeHandler] - Phase2 - Creating communicator for panel EVO192
2022-10-31 15:20:03.897 [DEBUG] [.communication.ParadoxBuilderFactory] - Creating new builder for Paradox EVO192 system
2022-10-31 15:20:04.082 [DEBUG] [l.communication.AbstractCommunicator] - IP Address=, TCP Port=10000
2022-10-31 15:20:04.099 [DEBUG] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Use encryption=false
2022-10-31 15:20:04.113 [DEBUG] [ternal.communication.EvoCommunicator] - PanelType=EVO192, Max Partitions=1, Max Zones=16
2022-10-31 15:20:04.184 [DEBUG] [l.handlers.ParadoxIP150BridgeHandler] - Phase2 - Creating communicator for panel EVO192
2022-10-31 15:20:04.185 [DEBUG] [.communication.ParadoxBuilderFactory] - Creating new builder for Paradox EVO192 system
2022-10-31 15:20:04.188 [DEBUG] [l.communication.AbstractCommunicator] - IP Address=, TCP Port=10000

The second IP should be not again.

openhab things are set like this:

In paradox_mcs.things file:

Bridge paradoxalarm:ip150:mcs "Paradox IP150 MCS" [refresh=3, panelType="EVO192", ip150Password="paradox", pcPassword="0000", ipAddress="", port=10000, reconnectWaitTime=10, maxPartitions=1, maxZones=16 ] {}

In paradox_vb.things file:

Bridge paradoxalarm:ip150:vb "Paradox IP150 Vulcana" [refresh=10, panelType="EVO192", ip150Password="paradox", pcPassword="0000", ipAddress="", port=10000, reconnectWaitTime=30, maxPartitions=1, maxZones=16 ] {}

paradox.log (160.7 KB)

I’ve added the following bug to github:
I believe I know the reason… wondering how to send you to test the fix.
They have implemented some option to use a marketplace or something… will see how this works.


Ok. I have created a pull request with the fix:

The pull request above did not solve the multi panel problem and we have moved to different issue on GitHub,
With last commit of pull request, we have fixed support for multiple panels (bridges).
Hope it will be merged soon.

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I just updated to OH3.4.0.M4.
Couldn’t find any issue so far with the Paradox integration after the changes related to the singleton panel, so it looks the fix is backwards compatible so far. :slight_smile:
Please let me know if you find anything… Will continue to monitor the behavior the next few days :slight_smile: