Parallelize rules loading?


I have several rules files that take several minutes to load as it’s on a Pi (lame CPU core but quad-core).
Since they’re always loaded/processed one after the other, I wonder if there’s a means to parallelize that processing in order to take advantage of all CPU cores ?
Would I need to request that as a feature via GitHub issue ?

The linked post ist unrelated. If openhab really uses just one thread for that, I absolutely agree. Alternatively we could parallelize the models (rules, items, things…) if there is no important order in which they should be loaded.

Rules, items, and such are already loaded in parallel and that causes a lot of people problems. For example rules triggering before items it depends upon have been loaded causing all sorts of errors.

Agree. I think the other way 'round would be the better one: strictly serialize initialization to things - items - rules, but parallelize each of these.