Parameter 14 - Fibaro RGBW Controller

Hi All,

I have 3 strips on this RGBW controller (all white strips) and have no issues with dimming and turning them on/off via OH2. What appears to fail, is using a physical switch to turn on only one of the strips

In anything other than 8738 for Parameter 14, which corrosponds to RGBW Brightness mode, Momentary for ALL loads, it doesnt work.

I just want the switch to controller channel 4, and turn it on/off ONLY. Which should be something like Toggle/Normal mode, right? or 8740 but that fails.

I cant get the unit to do anything on the physical switch unless I use 8738.

Goal: use physical switch to turn on/off channel 4 ONLY. Am I doing something wrong???

Im using this to calculate the binary value


Can you show the exact model you are using, what kind of wiring you did and the exact configuration parameter?

Hi Sebastian, ive got the original version (not Mark 2)
Its been wired as per the manual ( on Figure 9

The Switch is only on IN1, no other switches are present.

The parameter is set to 8738 , which works but controls all the loads. I cant get it to control only 1 load


Imho you have to wire the switch to IN4 if you want to switch OUT4.

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I thought it could switch an light though by using parameter 14? any or all lights

My controller is a FGRGBW-442, but the logic implemented by Fibaro might be similar. I had to connect the switch to IN4, according to what Spaceman_Spiff suggested. It is outlined in the docs that there is a strict connection between IN-Port and switched/controlled OUT-port. At least for using physical switches (if you do it in software you are free to do whatever you want, though).

I must be missing something, why have Parameter 14 then if the mapping is physical? So, thats what im trying to do - do it in software with Parameter 14 by controlling only OUT4

Ill move the switch and try it anyway but seems very odd

Thanks gents, wired into OUT4 and changed parameter to 4372 and thats got it now. Very odd that the software side doesnt really override the physical but thats OK. Thanks for your help!

Toggle switch mode for the old people, Alexa commands including dimming for the young people in the house :wink:

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Glad to see you got it working to suit your needs :slight_smile:
Fibaro obviously does not see it as a use case to completely disconnect the IN-ports from the OUT-ports, hence the dependency. In theory they could make a configuration available to disable the internal wiring, giving complete freedom to use the switches only by software. Might be a feature request for Fibaro to implement.

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You can use the pin as a voltage sensor and implement the logic in openhab.
Then it’s disconnected, but I am not sure if you can still use the corresponding out pin.